Battery Holder - PROPEL
Battery Holder - PROPEL
Battery Holder - PROPEL
Battery Holder - PROPEL

X4S Battery Holder

Regular price $131.00

The main body of the car, made of aluminum, is used to connect the Main Suspension Frame and install the deck. The internal space is used to place the battery and the ESC.

  Components included:
Battery holder
Torsion bar
  Quantity for 4WD/2WD
1 for 4WD
1 for 2WD
  Standard Parts:
double-sided tape

  Docking parts and technical specifications:

1. Main suspension: fixed by four M8 bolts, eight M5 bolts, and six M8 kimi screws (this product has no matching bolts, it is already included in the main suspension kit)

2. Deck: six M5 bolts are connected to this part (this product does not have matching bolts; it has been included in the carbon fiber deck kit) 

Please refer to the product inner package for the installation diagram.

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