Made to go where others don't dare

Highest ground clearance in the industry

High Quality, thoroughly tested parts

The force-bearing parts on Propel EV esk8 are made aircraft grade aluminum that is strengthened through structural design,

Every part has been thorough simulated force analysis and repetitive crash testing to ensure there are no serious breakages during an impact that could cause personal injury.

Concave, 100% Carbon Fiber Deck

Our decks feature an exaggerated concave form which has received excellent feedback from riders of all levels. We really take pride in the beautiful, 3K carbon fiber deck, not just for its durability and light weight aspects but its absolutely beautiful under foot as well.

Finger wells are formed in the underside to assist with portability as well.

Longer Range

As Propel EV, we know how important range is to our riders. We have addressed this issue by designing fast-swap battery packs that can be changed in less than a minute to essentially offer our riders unlimited range potential.

Why PROPEL EV?--Designed for all-terrains