All great ideas start in the most peculiar of places: in a garage, an attic, or a messy room. In our case, it all started on the road. In 2012, a group of adventurous friends came together in their search of a super-cool electric off-road vehicle.

Why all-terrain vehicles? Because it holds the best of camping, hiking, and long drives — all in one. Imagine the ecstatic experience of feeling the wind in your hair, witnessing the sun rising over the snow-peaked mountains, or walking through lush green forests. These vehicles have the ability to connect you to nature in the most glorious way possible. But, they soon realized that many traditionally available all-terrain vehicles were difficult to transport, and buying them would be like using a sledgehammer on your bank account. Tired of the bulky, extravagant, and expensive designs, they decided to take things into their own hands and manufacture the lightest off-road vehicle for all the brave-hearts out there. This was their chance to offer something extraordinary to all those who shared their intense love for nature!

The plan was perfect, and so was the team! The dream team consisted of outdoor enthusiasts, vehicle designers from BMW , and production management experts from Siemens. No wonder they seamlessly transformed into a capable entrepreneurial team.

They initiated the experimentation to apply the car platform idea to a real off-road esk8. The concept of this innovation depended on two major rules: it should be different from most off-road vehicles, and it should be an environment-friendly option for nature lovers. Being true RC fans, they took inspiration from their favorite RC models. Initial designs for the first prototype were sketched by hand, and the first sample was designed with independent suspension shock absorption systems, steering wheels, and seats. Was it classy? Yes. Was it light-weight? No.

So, the team explored various design options. Finally, the idea of a ski-like design clicked, and the first engineering prototype, the First Generation, was successfully manufactured in 2013. 

The seven years that followed involved uncountable redesigns, updates, and hard work to iterate four generations of sample vehicles. It was a rollercoaster ride that involved overturning and verifying numerous design ideas, obtaining seven national patents in 2016, and a total of 20000km road tests. Along the way they won a Red Dot design award! Each second was exhilarating, and each step brought them closer to their dream: “To build the Best Off-Road esk8 in the World.”

The first board brought to market was the Cycleagle (CE-X4S). The product was a game-changer for the world of ESK8 but the name and visual design language never felt like a perfect match for the company, its staff and its culture. In 2021 the company rebranded to Propel EV. A name reflective of the company today and what it will be in the future of electric vehicles. Propel EV isn’t just a name to the staff; it’s an ethos. The company is confident they will propel personal electric vehicle technology forward. Propel EV realizes riders trust its products to propel them across any terrain. Never content. Never concerned about what used to be the norm in the industry. The company will always propel forward.

Fast forward to the present, the team proudly presents to you a product that meets the highest quality standards, their brainchild: Propel EV – the first cross-country esk8 with independent R & D intellectual property rights.