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Endeavor is a perfect crossover board for those who wish to travel off road occasionally but need a smaller ESK8 for their neighborhood or city. Everything that makes it such a capable off road beast simultaneously allows it to be the most comfortable board on the market for neighborhood and city riding. Endeavor is the culmination of years of independent suspension and stability control research and development. It’s our most compact system ever.

2 x 6374 motors on a belt drive system, combine with a coil-over shock-supported independent suspension system, providing loads of torque, plenty of speed, and precise agility to conquer any terrain you point it at.
The X4S is an AWD beast with advanced technology made specifically for maximum comfort on all terrains and with battery flexibility options in mind. It’s like our 4x4 truck. Made to go anywhere.

Our Endeavor is closer to a SUV where it features some of the technology from X4S but it was also made to be more portable and better suited to city riding overall. It’s still a capable off roader due to its independent suspension setup and power but it is 2WD. It also has a stationary battery setup. You can’t go wrong with either but choosing between either is ultimately a matter of prioritization.

The Endeavor pre-sale is now LIVE. Original quantities of the S and Pro will be limited so act now to get yours.




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Basic Specifications Basic Specifications
Length 44 inches/1120mm 44 inches/1120mm
Width 17.7 inches/450mm 17.7 inches/450mm
Height 9 inches/230mm 9 inches/230mm
Wheel size 8 inches/200mm 8 inches/200mm
Ground clearance 4.4 inches/110mm 4.4 inches/110mm
Maximum payload 330lb/150kg 330lb/150kg
Chassis Independent suspension Independent suspension
Tyre pressure 2 bar/29psi 2 bar/29psi
Deck Carbon fiber deck Maple composite deck
Deck size 260*780mm/10.2*30.7inches 260*780mm/10.2*30.7inches
Board weight 43lbs/19.5kg 37.5lbs/17kg
Electrical Control Electrical Control
Battery pack range Rider A(75kg) 71km
Rider B(100kg) 50km
Rider A(75kg) 45km
Rider B(100kg) 28km
Battery Samsung 25Ah/1110Wh, 12S5P 15Ah/666Wh, 12S3P
Battery weight / /
Controller ESC Based on VESC ESC
Shock absorber Adjustable 350lb coil over shocks Adjustable 350lb coil over shocks
Motors 2x6374 motors/ Each motor has a maximum theoretical output of 3000w 2x6374 motors/ Each motor has a maximum theoretical output of 3000w
Transmission 2xBelt Drive 2xBelt Drive
Hill climb 38% 30%
Recharge time 5hrs 4hrs
Top speed 50kmh/31mph 45kmh/27.9mph
Brakes Regenerative braking Regenerative braking
Manipulation Mode Manipulation Mode
Remote Controller Wireless 2.4G Wireless 2.4G
Remote Color screen Monochrome screen
Speed level / LO: 8km/h;
MI: 15km/h;
HI: 45km/h;
PRO: 45km/h(High torque) 
Cruise control
Controller high voltage protection
Low voltage return warning
Remote control low voltage display


[1] The SPECS are based on the 75kg rider, and the SPECS are affected by the rider's weight and riding environment too



Rider A(75kg) 71km
Rider B(100kg) 50km



2X6374·1500W power brushless motor provides super torque power
Safe to high speed up to 50km/h, climbing rate > 38%
High heat dissipation system, energy saving, high temperature 120°C stable performance


12S5P 1110wh power

Battery brands you trust

Certified for your safety

On the basis of ensuring the original off-road performance that Propel EV has become known for, a high strength carbon fiber deck reduces weight while also looking great

Our signature Propel style allows the carbon fiber detailing to be fully appreciated in all lighting scenarios. The entire Pro series weighs only 17kg

With a ground clearance 11cm you can have no fear of the kinds of road obstacles that take out other esk8s, allowing you to crush any terrain and make it your own

8 "inflatable off-road wheels with a saw-edged tread pattern and 3D grooves provide strong grip and traction on muddy and soft surfaces

Adjustable shock absorption and turning force options allow you to make your Endeavor your own

Signature Propel style
All terrain suspension never looked so good

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