Tire Kit - PROPEL
Tire Kit - PROPEL
Tire Kit - PROPEL

Tire Kit

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Tire kit, this kit can be universally used on 4WD/2WD.

  Components included:
Wheel hub (aluminum alloy)
Inner tube
All-terrain tires
  Standard Parts:
  Quantity for 4WD/2WD
4 for 4WD
4 for 2WD
  Docking parts and technical specifications:
Main suspension: one gasket with inner diameter 12, two gaskets with inner diameter 10, one M10 loose nut, two split pins (this product does not contain standard parts, bolts are included in the main suspension accessory kit)

This product is a non-universal part and needs to be matched with the corresponding parts of X4S. Please refer to the product inner package for the installation diagram.

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